Friday, October 9, 2015

Daily Push-Ups Android Application


Here is your FREE personal trainer ! Start workout with your device for free.

This is a real fitness trainer, It not only helps to count push ups but it also tracks your push up counts daily basis and give you statistics. One main feature which is differ than other app is "Voice Encouragement" !!. Yes, You will get voice encouragement like real trainer !!! Application also has a table of average Push ups which depends on your Age and gender. Please take a look this table in Help screen before start. Here is the month-wise display which helps you to know which day you missed to do workout and which day you did.It helps you to maintain consistency in workout.


1. Voice Encouragement
2. Push-ups Count
3. Track push-ups and gives you statistics
4. Month-wise Display
5. High Score display
6. Sound ON / OFF
7. Help - Average Push-ups Count Table

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