Monday, November 30, 2015

Photo Vault Android Application


Photo Vault will help you to lock (protect) from unusual users / friends. It is necessary to hide your personal photos from your parents/friends. :O

You can also access your photos from vault, You can view photos securely and more conveniently. It is a fantastic privacy app, It simply copy your original file into safe place. It do not use Photo Encryption / Decryption and So, It will increase app performance.

1. Password protected
2. Lock / Unlock Single - Multiple files
3. View Locked Images
4. Pinch Zoom
5. View Details / Delete locked image
6. Simple and attractive Layout

1. App will not send any personal data / images to any 3rd party server.
2. Internet permission is only for advertise integration
3. Get notified with latest apps
4. Unlock/Recover locked images before uninstall application as it will erase all Locked files.

Download FREE APK : Download Now !

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Download FREE APK : Download Now !

Like Facebook Page: Like Page Now

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