Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Android Oreo 8.0 : Latest news & Best Features in latest update

Android Oreo is the official name of the Android 8.0 version. The Over The Air (OTA) update is rolling out immediately to support Pixel and Nexus Devices and Factory images were posted on android developer site same day.

Let's check what we get in new release of Android Oreo version without westing time in discussing other stuff ;)

1. Life Saver

Battery Life is a always big concern of smartphone users, that is the reason why google has focus on battery life improvement in most of the release. Google has increased limit of background apps and battery drain problem. To limit background process will give significant changes in battery life.“These changes will make it easier to create apps that have minimal impact on a user’s device and battery. Background limits represent a significant change in Android, so we want every developer to get familiar with them,” reads a Google blog post.

2. Picture In Picture

YouTube has already added for video playing and surfing another video. This feature is now available globally. Suppose you are watching the video on YouTube, just tap the home button and the video will pop into small window and remain in screen, meanwhile you can navigate to another app.You can slide the video to any corner of the screen. Due to this feature, app will not interrupt your current work, you do not need to resume/pause current app and you will become a multi-tasker !!!

3. Notification Dots

If you remember Google II/O 2017 event, you might remember Google demonstrated notification dots which is kind of app badge. It shows that particular app get some notification. In developer preview 3 it shows in standard blue colour but this final version it has many colours related to app icon.

4. Autofill API

New API means new way to store repetitive information with better security! With new API user will be able to choose a source for autofill data and app that need to store and retrieve those data no longer will need to act as an Accessibility service. An App like password manager can bundle its own activity for using autofill API and user can choose it when we need it much like choosing a new keyboard.

5. Adaptive Icons

Adaptive launcher icons which can display variety of shapes across different device models. For Example it will display in circle shape in OEM devices, square shape in another device. Pixel devices show in circular shape so you will no longer see a weird square mix shape icons any more. 


6. Smart Text Selection

We all have seen a text selection which have Copy/Paste/Select All buttons. Now Goole has integrate AI (Artificial Intelligence) with it. For instance, If you select phone number then it will give you dial option, if you select address then it will give you navigation tap button. The best part is intelligent itself will select whole address in single click instead of single word! 

7.  Font Resource in XML

This feature is on developer side. It gives full access to developer to integrate more fonts instead of standard fonts. It is just like colours and style of text. It will improve UI layout of advanced apps. Before this version, it is slightly complicated for developers to integrate their own style and fonts.

8. Wider Colour gamut for Apps

As Google notes in the blog post, “Android developers of imaging apps can now take advantage of new devices that have a wide-gamut colour capable display. To display wide gamut images, apps will need to enable a flag in their manifest (per activity) and load bitmaps with an embedded wide colour profile (AdobeRGB, Pro Photo RGB, DCI-P3, etc.)”.

9. Audio Enhancement - Better Sound Quality

The new Audio API has improved performance of audio streaming. Sony donated their LDAC codec to Google for inclusion in Android 8.0. This means You will get better sound quality in LDAC equipped Bluetooth headphones moreover, it supports AAC,SBC, aptX and aptX HD as well. There are also settings for audio sample rates and bits.

10. Font, Lock Screen, Notification Changed

Most of the user has interested to see what UI changes google has applied? Here is the look, On the lock screen, clock is slightly smaller and the date is no longer in caps. In the status bar, the look and feel is become darker and used pure deep colours. 
Notification channel is also improved, channels shade and shape are modified slightly. It looks more spacious than previous version. App icons become circular and will differ device to device. Two finger full notification as previous version is added. If you want use only basic functionality then swipe down single finger and if you want to access full notification channel then swipe down 2 finger parallel.

11. Background app notification

We got continuous notification while the background app is continuously running like, music app. It is the quick and easy way to access and control the app basic functionality.  Android Oreo has modified the look and feel for this type of background app as shown in below screen.

12. Improved Camera

In the camera app double-tapping zooms in 50 percent and there’s now a dedicated button for switching between the photo and video modes. Previously you could only swipe between the modes, which might have kept it a bit of a secret for some users. Now a camera button appears to the left of the record button in video mode, and a video button appears to the right of the shutter button in photo mode.

13. Other Stuff

Other security and performance changes are also done by Google in new version but it is not yet focused publicly. For instance,
> New Emoji Collection
> System UI Option removed
> Google Play Protect
> Quick Settings
> App Badge Settings
> Settings Menu Look changed
> System UI Tuner (Status Bar, Do not disturb, Navigation Bar, Lock screen settings)


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